Fiduciary Services

Trusts and foundations

Trusts or foundations are a core part of wealth management. They offer the opportunity to control wealth while divesting ownership. As a result they have a wide variety of uses, including wealth protection, inheritance planning, and asset management. Recommended structures might include family offices, private trust companies, offshore trusts, charitable foundations, purpose trusts and philanthropic advisory services. We have expertise in a full range of trust vehicles for the corporate and private client which can form an important part of an overall wealth planning structure.

International corporate services

With international connections, we are well placed to advise on the use of corporate structures. Uses vary from simple asset-holding vehicles to complex active businesses. Companies are often used to hold real estate, yachts, aeroplanes and intellectual property. Here they offer advantages in terms of confidentiality of ownership and simplicity of transfer, often combined with tax mitigation. More complex approaches may use protected cell companies and limited partnerships, but whatever the chosen approach, we can establish and administer the resulting company from a choice of major financial centres.

Pension funds

Apex Fiduciary offers a suite of flexible pension solutions for both UK residents and expatriates living and working overseas. For those wishing to set up UK pension plans, we offer a tailored Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP) product which is not limited to insurance bonds but can accept a wide range of investments. Holders of UK pension plans who are contemplating emigration or are already living abroad now have increased opportunity and flexibility when it comes to controlling retirement planning. The introduction in 2006 of the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) allows UK pension plans to be transferred overseas. This allows investors to benefit from greater investment flexibility and improved options on payment of lump sum benefits. Guernsey is authorised as a jurisdiction to establish QROPS and we now offer a number of solutions to take advantage of this new approach.

Charitable and philanthropic structures

Increasingly, wealthy clients wish to distribute part of their wealth towards charitable or philanthropic causes. We can assist in the establishment of an appropriate structure for this purpose, which might include a trust or foundation, and charitable corporate vehicles. Working with your advisers we would seek to ensure that this structure is designed to take advantage of the generous tax treatment often available to such structures. We can work with you and your chosen trustees or advisers to ensure that your original charitable aims are properly carried out.


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