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For the purposes of this website, Apex Fiduciary means Apex Fiduciary Limited, registered in Guernsey under registration number 5458 and any of its subsidiary or associated companies. Information on the Apex Fiduciary website is intended for general guidance only and is supplied without liability. You should always seek independent professional advice before entering into any contractual relationship.


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This website is intended solely for information purposes. The information materials and opinions contained in this website may be altered at any time without prior notification. The Apex Fiduciary is a member of UHY, an international association of independent accounting and consultancy firms, whose organising body is Urbach Hacker Young International Limited, a UK company. Each member of UHY is a separate and independent firm. The services described herein are provided by the Apex Fiduciary and not by Urbach Hacker Young International Limited or any other member of UHY. Neither Urbach Hacker Young International Limited nor any member of UHY has any liability for services provided by other members.

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Terms and Conditions

Companies within the Apex Fiduciary will operate under their own terms and conditions of business. These will be provided to potential clients on request. The following is a summary of certain general terms and conditions which are likely to apply and should not be taken as a legally binding document:

Louvre Group may act by its proper officers in the exercise of any discretionary or other powers.

Louvre Group shall be entitled to remuneration as a first charge on the client’s assets and in accordance with scales of fees published from time to time.

Notwithstanding the power to charge for its services, Apex Fiduciary shall be entitled to employ advocates, solicitors, accountants and other agents, and to be repaid out of the client’s assets all costs and expenses thereby incurred.

In certain instances, Apex Fiduciary may receive commission or remuneration paid by stockbrokers, insurance companies or other agents for advisory work undertaken.

Louvre Group may register investments in the names of nominees. When Apex Fiduciary is acting jointly with an individual or any other third party, all monies, securities, title deeds and trust documents shall be in the custody of Louvre Group or to its order. In the case of registered or inscribed investments, the name of Apex Fiduciary or its nominee shall appear first.

Louvre Group shall have the right to collect all income on behalf of clients either directly or indirectly through its nominees or agents.

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