Wealth is not something that can be taken for granted.

It requires meticulous and expert planning to preserve, enhance and ultimately, distribute your wealth. Increasingly, this challenge has an international dimension. Apex Fiduciary is ideally placed to respond to this global challenge. Assets are geographically mobile and so our wealth planning makes use of a range of international financial centres.

You'll also be reassured by our professional expertise, international representation and comprehensive range of solutions for wealth management. Our approach is innovative and personal; we tailor solutions to your individual circumstances, while maintaining high standards of service and total confidentiality.

Around the World, Around the Clock

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Cayman Islands

Apex Fiduciary (Cayman) Limited is our local subsidiary. Another well established Caribbean centre...

British Virgin Islands

Well established as a company and fund centre, this self-governing British Dependent Territory...


Our office in Guernsey is the hub of our international network and the base for two key companies: Apex Trust (Guernsey) Limited and Apex Fund Management Limited...


London holds a pivotal position in the worlds financial markets, so it is only to be expected that our office there acts in the same way by providing an easy access point where our international clients can meet our international services.


Apex Trust (Suisse) Sàrl is our local subsidiary, with its offices in the major centre of Geneva...


Liechtenstein is a small, cosmopolitan, independent nation set in the heart of Europe.


The city of Dubai sits at the heart of economic development in the United Arab Emirates and has a strategic location between the finance centres of Europe and Asia...


Singapore is a Southeast Asian city-state located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsular...

Hong Kong

Recent developments have concentrated on the huge capital flows into and out of mainland China, but Hong Kong remains one of the key financial centres for the Asian sub-continent...